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Red Disa Hike

The red disa or Disa uniflora is brilliantly red orchid found only on certain parts of Table Mountain and for only a short period of time each year. Since these beauties are so rare, finding them has become a novelty I’ve come to look forward to. For the past two years I have ventured into […]

Cape Town

Suther Peak Hike

Suther Peak only popped onto my hiking radar this year and I cannot believe I’ve been sleeping on this incredible trail for so long. The trail is a 2 minute drive from the house I’ve been living in for the past 19 years and I look up at this mountain every single day. Safe to […]

Cape Town

Best Sunset Spots in Cape Town

There’s really nothing better than watching a beautiful sunset. And it seems that no matter how many sunsets you witness in your lifetime, not one of them is the same as another. It’s one of my favourite parts of Creation! Cape Town is definitely not short of glorious sunset spots, leaving us spoilt for choice. […]

Cape Town

Tranquility Cracks Hike

The Tranquility Cracks is one of Cape Town’s most elusive hiking spots. It’s one of those trails that many have heard about, many have tried to find and many have missed the turnoff for.Β  At this stage my list of hikes done in Cape Town is starting to exceed those still to try. So this […]

Cape Town

Cecilia Waterfall Hike

Cecilia Forest is host to a number of beautiful paths weaving in between the leafy trees and trickling streams. While there are plenty of flat and wide contour paths for a leisurely afternoon stroll, the hike to Cecilia Waterfall is slightly more strenuous option if you’re wanting more than just a meander. The reward of […]

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