Spring Flowers in Cape Town

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Spring Flowers in Cape Town

Spring Flowers in Cape Town

A complete travel guide to seeing the spring flowers in Cape Town. Check out the gorgeous flowers of the West Coast National Park and Biedouw Valley, daisies in Darling, fields of canola in the Overberg and blossoms at Babylonstoren. Over the years I’ve gotten many questions regarding where to go, when to go and how best to plan a trip to see the spring flowers in Cape Town. So here’s the blog post answering ALL of those questions and hopefully you can plan a day trip of your own in the coming weeks.

Spring Flowers in Cape Town

Spring Flowers in Cape Town

When to go see the spring flowers in Cape Town

This is always the biggest factor when planning your trip to the Spring Flowers in Cape Town. Each year the seasons vary slightly with different amounts of rainfall and fluctuating temperatures. However, the general time frame is from mid August to the end of September. The trouble is that you don’t really know when the flowers will be good as they may still be hiding one weekend, yet out in all their glory the next. It’s always a bit of a gamble but in this general time frame you should be able to see something.

Spring Flowers in Cape Town

Where to go to see the Spring Flowers in Cape Town

The West Coast is the best region for viewing the wild flowers. I have done trips to Darling, the West Coast National Park and the Biedouw Valley and each of them has something unique to offer. If you’re looking for fields of canola the overberg region is the best place and blossoms are found at Babylonstoren.

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Spring Flowers in Cape Town

Darling is a small town an hour’s drive from Cape Town. During spring this quiet little spot is turned into a beautiful floral celebration. You’ll take the R27 turning off to the right down Grotto Drive. This is a wonderful route as it takes you along a farm road which will be covered in blooms of orange, yellow, pink and purple. You can stop off at Groote Poste for a wine tasting or lunch, before continuing on to the town of Darling. The centre of town bursts to life in blooms of brilliant colour. There is a field covered in yellow and orange daisies dancing with bees and butterflies. Throughout the town residential streets are dotted with white daisies, purple vygies and fruit trees boast pink blossoms.

Spring Flowers in Cape Town


West Coast National Park

Spring Flowers in Cape Town Spring Flowers in Cape Town
The West Coast National Park is definitely my favourite place to view the wild flowers. This stunning park holds a very special place in my heart as a postcard from Greece at Kraalbaai beach and a flower child’s paradise in spring. To get there will take you an hour from Cape Town along the R27.

Daily Conservation Fees: 1 November 2023 – 31 October 2024

Outside Flower Season Adults (12+ years) Children (2 – 11 years)
South African Citizens and Residents R74 R37
SADC Nationals R116 R58
International (non-South African) Citizens R116 R58
In Flower Season (August & September) Adults (12+ years) Children (2 – 11 years)
South African Citizens and Residents R110 R55
SADC Nationals R169 R85
International (non-South African) Citizens R247 R124

With a Wild Card you will have free entrance to the Park (more info here).

Spring Flowers in Cape Town

Take a slow drive through the Park, looking out for ostriches, tortoises, birds and little buck along the way. Stop off and look down over the brilliant blue of Kraalbaai. The wild flowers are located in the Postberg section of the Park. Here you’ll be treated to fields blanketed in yellow, orange and white daisies.

Spring Flowers in Cape Town

It honestly takes my breath away each time I have the privilege of frolicking through these fields of abundant flowers! The flower child within me takes great delight and I can’t wipe the smile off my face. Take a packed lunch and stop at one of the picnic spots along the way.

*note- please stay out of the flower veld. I have not been the best at this in the past but have since learnt it is not great to trod on the endemic flower species. You will be fined R500 if caught walking on the flowers. There are also lots of snakes (including puffadders) in the veld which you really don’t want to step on! Rather take your photos from the road with the flowers as a backdrop.

Staying in the West Coast National Park

If you’re looking to spend the night in the park you’ll need to book this fairly far in advance for flower season. Book the SANParks accommodation here. Alternatively, book this gorgeous cottage in Churchhaven run by the Room Key. For a super unique exeprience stay on one of the Kraalbaai Lifestyle House Boats.

Staying in Langebaan or Yzerfontein

There are plenty of gorgeous spots in Langebaan which is a short drive from the park: Nivica Luxury Apartments and Lagoon Escape Beach Villa.
Yzerfontein also has some gorgeous accommodation options: Yzerfontein Beach Accommodation, Yzerfontein Villa Fantastica, or Swept Away B&B.


Biedouw Valley

The Biedouw Valley is an area of farmland in the Cederberg region that is usually farmed for rooibos tea. In the spring months the farmers don’t turn the soil and let the fields grow wild, resulting in the most beautiful display of wild flowers in the fields. It has become a popular spot to see the spring flowers in the Western Cape. It is a 3,5 hour drive from Cape Town so is more of a weekend destination than a day trip spot. Read my blog for more details on how to spend the weekend in the Biedouw Valley.



If it’s blossoms you’re after then make sure you include Babylonstoren as one of your spring stopovers. Here all their fruit orchards are covered in white and pink blossoms. You can check out my blog post on Babylonstoren to read up about what else you can do while you’re here. If you’re keen for a luxury treat why not spend the night at Babylonstoren and visit their gorgeous spa?

Spring Flowers in Cape Town Spring Flowers in Cape Town


If daisies aren’t your thing and fields of yellow make you feel all kinds of happy then be sure to check out the flourishing canola fields. On the way home from the West Coast National Park you can go via the N7. You’ll turn left down the Melkbosstrand Road at the woodcutters which connects with the N7. On the left you’ll see the beautiful fields of sunshine. Alternatively, you can take a trip to Philadelphia or go anywhere along the N2 in the Overberg region (Caledon) to dance in fields of canola.

Spring Flowers in Cape Town

I have always done the flowers as a day trip but you can easily make a weekend out of it. So pencil in an upcoming weekend and if the sun is shining then pile into a car for a little road trip adventure!

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If you’re looking to make a trip out of seeing the Spring Flowers and are willing to travel a little further afield then make sure you read my Complete Guide to seeing the Namaqualand Flowers.



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