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Sevilla, Spain

Trying to put our experience in Sevilla into words is definitely going to be a challenge as an experience as special as that can’t ever really be fully retold or understood in full. But I will try my best. We arrived after our train in from Madrid, walking out into a brick wall of heat. […]


Madrid, Spain

Arriving in Spain’s busy capital, Madrid was undoubtably a shock to the system after quiet and small Valencia. Ever since we arrived in Spain, Jodi has been on a mission to find the delicious churros that she had as a little girl when she was with her family. So the excitement was uncontainable when we […]


Valencia, Spain

Jodi and I arrived at Valencia train station and were greeted by a friend of ours from high school, Giulio. It was so lovely to see him after such a long time and we were never short of conversation topics, all trying to catch up on the eventful past months. Giulio has been living in […]


Barcelona, Spain

Spain has always been one of my absolute dream destinations. So you can imagine the extent of my anticipation as we got onto our train from Montpellier to Barcelona. I was beyond excited! We got there 3 hours later and proceeded to try to find our hostel using saved google map directions on our phones. […]

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