Waterfalls in Cape Town

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Waterfalls in Cape Town

Waterfalls in Cape Town

Keen to go chasing waterfalls in Cape Town? I’ve put together the perfect guide to waterfalls in and near Cape Town! Most of these are hiking trails with waterfalls in Cape Town or near to Cape Town.

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Silvermine Waterfall

Silvermine Waterfall Hike

Silvermine waterfall is a beautiful waterfall in the heart of Cape Town that flows majestically after a solid rain. The hike to this waterfall short (only 2km), making it an easily accessible waterfall in Cape Town. The waterfall hike starts at Silvermine gate 2 and follows a gentle jeep track. Read my guide to the Silvermine Waterfall Hike here.


Cecilia Waterfall

Cecilia Waterfall

Cecilia Waterfall is my favourite waterfall in Cape Town. It is located deep in Cecilia Forest and is surrounded by plenty of lush greenery. The hike to this waterfall begins at the Cecilia Forest Parking and is 4.7km which will take around 2 hours. Read my guide to the Cecilia Waterfall Hike here.



Myburgh’s Waterfall Ravine

Waterfalls in Cape Town

Myburgh’s Waterfall Ravine is located in Hout Bay above Tarragona Estate. The hike is 4km and will take around 2 hours. If you come here in February you will be treated to rare sightings of red disas. Read my blog post on Myburgh’s Waterfall Ravine here.

Waterfalls near Cape Town

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Tulbagh Waterfall

Tulbagh waterfall

Tulbagh waterfall is located a short distance outside of Tulbagh (1,5 hours outside of Cape Town). You can put into Google Maps: Tulbagh Waterfall Nature Reserve and it will guide you to the parking lot. From here it is a short walk to a beautiful cascading waterfall with many rock pools and levels. The walk is less than 1km there and back and is easily accessible for people of every fitness level. Visiting Tulbagh? Read my guide to A Weekend Away in Tulbagh here.

Krom Rivier Hiking Trail Waterfall

Krom Rivier Hiking trail waterfall

Krom River Hiking Trail is an 8km hike located just outside the Hugenout Tunnel in the Du Toitskloof mountains near Paarl. It will take just over an hour to drive here from Cape Town. The hike follows a riverbed and features many beautiful mountain pools and two waterfalls. The top waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls I’ve seen in Cape Town! You need a permit for this hike which costs R50 per person and can be booked through Cape Nature. Call 0870878250 to arrange your permits. Read my blog post on the Krom Rivier Hiking Trail here.

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Crystal Pools Hike Waterfall

Crystal pools waterfall

Crystal Pools hike is an incredibly beautiful hike located in the Steenbras Nature Reserve just outside Gordon’s Bay. It boasts three gorgeous waterfalls. The start of the Crystal Pools Hike is just over an hour’s drive from Cape Town. The hike is about 8km in total and you can easily spend a whole day in the reserve enjoying the fresh mountain pools. You need a permit for this hike (R75 pp). Read my complete guide to the Crystal Pools Hike here.


Bainskloof Waterfall trail

Waterfalls in Cape Town

The Bainskloof Waterfall Hike, also known as the Bobbejaan’s river trail, is a beautiful hike located in the Bainskloof Mountains with three stunning waterfalls. The hike begins at Tweede Tol campsite which is a 1 hr 45 minute drive from Cape Town. The hike is about 5km and will take around 2 hours to do. The hike costs R50 per person. Read my guide to the Bainskloof Waterfall Hike here.

Beaverlac Waterfalls

Beaverlac waterfall Waterfalls in Cape Town

Beaverlac is a lovely campsite with plenty of rock pools and waterfalls. Beaverlac is a 2 hour drive from Cape Town and a popular family camping spot. Why not stay at Beaverlac and spend the weekend exploring all the different waterfalls? Read my guide to camping in Beaverlac here.

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Boesmanskloof Trail: Big Oakes Waterfall

Waterfalls in Cape Town

The Greyton to McGregor overnight hike follows the Boesmanskloof trail which boasts the gorgeous Big Oakes Falls. The waterfall is located about halfway along the trail (about 10km from Greyton side). This trail is typically done as an overnight hike with a 17km trail each day. Alternatively you can hike from the McGregor side and hike 7km to the waterfall before turning back, or you can hike from the Greyton side and do 10km before arriving at the waterfall. For all the details on how to plan this as an overnight hike read my blog on the Boesmanskloof Hiking Trail: Greyton to McGregor Overnight Hike.

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I hope this blog post has given you some inspiration on where your next waterfall adventure will be!


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