Myburgh’s Waterfall Ravine Hike

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Myburgh’s Waterfall Ravine Hike

Myburgh's Waterfall Ravine

Myburgh’s Waterfall Ravine Hike is a beautiful hike above Tarragona Estate in Hout Bay. In winter you’ll be treated to a gorgeous waterfall streaming down a mossy slab of rock and in late January/February you may be treated to sightings of the rare red disas. The hike isn’t too tricky and offers beautiful scenery as you hike up a forested gulley.

Red Disa Myburgh's Waterfall Ravine


Start Location: End of Farrier’s Way in Tarragona, Hout Bay

Distance: +/-4km

Duration: 2 hrs

Difficulty: Easy. The path can be a bit tricky to follow as there seem to be many possible options. All roads do eventually lead to Rome though.

Conservation fee: None

The Route:

Drive to the end of Farrier’s Way in Tarragona and park along the road. You’ll see a dirt path to the left up the mountain. Walk up here for a few hundred metres and then you’ll reach a coded gate. Either speak to the security guards at the Tarragona Boom on your way up or call 0217907901 to get the current code (it changes regularly). Once you’ve entered the gate follow the path up a few hundred metres through the pine trees. Then when you reach the intersection turn right (left takes you to Suikerbossie). Follow this path for another few hundred metres before turning left up into the ravine. Here is where things all start to look the same with many potential paths. But just keep heading up towards the mountain and you’ll eventually reach the Myburgh Waterfall (after about 30 mins of walking). Have a rest here and enjoy the beauty of the mossy green waterfall. In summer there will just be a dribble but in winter this waterfall is a cascading beauty!

 Myburgh's Waterfall Ravine

After your rest head back to the path. Then head back up the mountain. This part is a bit steep but you’ll just need to do a bit of rock scrambling before the path evens out again. Walk another 10 minutes before you’ll arrive at a rocky river bed section (you would have passed through a crack in the rocks to get here). Cross the rocky river bed to the right hand side and head up the path to a mossy, ferny area. This is where the disas should be. The display wasn’t as prolific here as what one can see on the top of Table Mountain (for other red disa hike options read my Red Disa Hike blog). However, it is a relatively easy and short hike to get here making it much more attainable for more people. You can walk back down the way you came.

Red Disa Myburgh's Waterfall Ravine

If you are doing this hike to find the red disas there are a few things you should know. The red disa only blooms for a short period in late summer from January to February. While this is the general period when you start to see them blooming, there is an even shorter period (middle two weeks of February) where they are prolific. This is when I recommend you plan your Red Disa hike. We usually go the second or third weekend in February.

Red Disa Myburgh's Waterfall Ravine

The red disas can only be found in two places on Table Mountain: at Myburgh’s Waterfall Ravine Hike and in the Table Mountain Aqueduct. Read this blog for all your possible hiking route options to see the red disas: Red Disa Hike blog.


Red Disa Myburgh's Waterfall Ravine

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  1. Did the Myburgh Ravine hike today. Found the elusive red disas but only a few of them (like 5). The hike is definitely not easy. But it was fiun and we enjoyed it. The telephone number provided to call for the gate code is incorrect. Thankfully we met someone who knew the gate code. .

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