Kloof Corner Hike

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Kloof Corner Hike

Kloof Corner Hike

Next up in the series on hikes around Cape Town is the short and sweet Kloof Corner. This hike has beautiful views of Lion’s Head all the way up and the path is lined with beautiful fynbos. The hike to the top is only about 20 minutes but can be extended by following along the contour path towards Platteklip for a bit.

Kloof Corner Hike

Kloof Corner


Start Location: The Kloof Corner parking along Tafelberg Road. Once you have passed the Pipe Track parking and gone through the boom to enter Tafelberg road you will wind along a bit before reaching a parking on your right. You can either park here or preferably at the next parking which is along a hairpin bend. The start of the trail is at this hairpin bend. It is sign posted. There is also a pin for Kloof Corner Parking on Google Maps.

Distance: 5km (this is up and down Kloof Corner with a walk along the contour path as well).

Duration: +/-  1.5 hrs

Difficulty: Easy. The hike up is a bit steep but very short and manageable. The path is well marked and it’s easy to know where to go.

Conservation fee: None

Kloof Corner Hike

The Route:

After parking your car along Tafelberg road you will see the start of the hike next to a big gate. Head up the steps and follow this path all the way to the top of Kloof Corner. The path is lined with common sugarbushes which have the most beautiful pink flowers and are buzzing with bees.

sugar bush flower

Once you’ve reached the top of Kloof Corner (marked by a trig beacon) you can find a spot on one of the rocks to sit and enjoy the beautiful view of Camps Bay and Lion’s Head below you.

Kloof Corner Hike

Kloof Corner Hike

If you’re up for more of a walk than just the 40 minutes up and down Kloof Corner then why not turn left at the top and continue along the contour path on the city side of the mountain. This path is narrow and flat and continues to Platteklip, Devil’s Peak and eventually wraps all the way around to the Blockhouse and beyond. If I’m looking for a short Saturday morning hike I tend to walk along until just before Platteklip before turning around and going back the same way and walking down Kloof Corner back to the car.

Kloof Corner Hike

Kloof Corner is a lovely short and sweet escape into the mountains if you’re needing a breath of fresh air. I haven’t been for sunset yet but apparently this is a great spot to hike up to watch the sunset over Camps Bay and Lion’s Head. Make sure you bring a torch for the way down!

Kloof Corner Hike

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