Florence, Italy

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Florence, Italy

I don’t know what it was about Florence but it just worked for us. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves from the moment we got there and generally just had a wonderful time. This amazing stay was kick started with the awesome hostel that we had booked. If you are planning on staying in Florence then please, please do yourself a favour and stay at Wow Florence Hostel. It was so bright, clean and colourful! We were even upgraded to a private double room with no extra cost which was such a relief after 2 disturbed nights of sleep in bunk beds in a dormitory in our Rome hostel.


Our first night in Florence was one for the books! We went to a restaurant just down the road called Titto which the hostel had recommended. It was such a refreshing evening after countless touristy restaurants in Rome. This establishment was so authentically and traditionally Italian. You could taste that the pasta was made freshly on site and the waiters and waitresses were so quirky and fun. They were all so incredibly hospitable and friendly and the evening ended with us sharing limoncello (an Italian lemon liquor) with all of the staff. What a fun night to remember!

Our first full day in Florence began bright and early and was a walking tour guided by Rick Steve in his trusty Audio Europe App. We were ready to go after an amazing buffet breakfast at our hostel (They even had a pancake making machine! You literally just pressed a button and some panckaes were freshly made for you. How cool?)
We walked through the relaxed city admiring the beautiful sites including the darling of Florence, the Duomo:


the replica of the Statue of David in the Piazza della Signoria:IMG_4813

and the Ponte Vecchio: IMG_5139

We had a delicious lunch of Calzones at the beautiful Piazza San Spirito before having a look at the lovely Santa Croce. That evening we walked up to the Piazzale Michelangelo to have a sunset picnic with a view. And oh my, what a beautiful view it was!


The next day we fully immersed ourselves in the artsy side of Florence, home to the many great Renaissance artists. We went to the Uffizi Gallery where we spent a few hours absorbed by the incredible works of world-famous artists like Michelangelo, Leonardo Di Vinci, Raphael and Botticelli.


We only really had a day and a half in Florence as we spent the rest of our second day in Pisa. But in my opinion it was the perfect amount of time. It is a small city, but has such an amazing feel about it. It is relaxed, authentic, at night the streets are filled with groups of friends just sitting around and chilling and it is such a lovely Italian city. My favourite memory of the city was enjoying a really delicious gelato sitting on a bench on the Piazza del Duomo at night. Florence treated us really well and I really enjoyed our time there.

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