Best Ice Cream in Cape Town

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Best Ice Cream in Cape Town

I am such a sucker for ice cream. It is probably my favourite food! Throughout my travels across Europe I enjoyed countless delicious gelatos in Italy, Croatia and Greece. In doing so, I became a little bit of an ice cream snob. I only do real ice cream- the creamy, gelato kind. And thankfully, Cape Town has a bustling ice cream scene with so many incredible ice cream spots opening up! I’ve put together a guide of my Best Ice Cream Spots in Cape Town. These ice creams are all of the gelato variety, no soft serves in sight!

best ice cream in Cape Town

The Creamery

The Creamery is my OG favourite ice cream spot. They opened 10 years ago in Dean Street, Newlands when I was in grade 8 at Westerford. My friends and I couldn’t believe the magic of this ice cream and had many ice creams dates on Fridays after school. 10 years later and The Creamery has seven stores across Cape Town. Their flavours are simple and delicous. They’re all about sourcing fresh fruit or sustainably farmed ingredients from local businesses. You can expect the likes of Cornflake Milk, Mine Pie, Brownies and Cream, Carrot Cake, and of course the wonderfully simple Sweet Cream. My favourite flavour from The Creamery is their limited edition Jasmine flavour which makes an appearance for a week during Spring. To keep up to date with what flavours they are scooping follow them on Instagram. Visit them at Newlands, Palmyra Junction, Constantia Emporium, Mouille Point, V&A Waterfront, Durbanville or the Oranjezicht Market.

the creamery the creamery the creamery  the creamery

Kristen’s Kick-Ass Ice Cream

Kristen’s Kick-Ass Ice Cream started up at the Noordhoek Farm Village and has become a firm favourite on the Cape Town Ice Cream Scene. Kristen’s scoops up inventive and kick-ass combinations! You can get everything from a vegan lemon meringue to the kitchen sink brownie. My firm favourite is roasted cherry and dark chocolate. They always have plenty of different options and flavour combinations to choose from. Kristen’s Kick-Ass Ice Cream scoops from Noordhoek Farm Village, Newlands, and Constantia Uitsig.

kristen's kick-ass ice cream

kristen's kick-ass ice cream


Ditto Ice Cream is the new vegan kid on the block and they are killing it! They are the first fully vegan ice cream shop in Cape Town and only recently opened at the end of 2021. Their ice creams are all made from Oh Oat m*lk and are so creamy you won’t be able to tell they’re vegan! They scoop up the likes of Biscoff, Notella, Marvellous Mango, and Raspberry White Chocolate. My favourite part of Ditto Ice Cream is their freshly made waffle cones. They are by far the yummiest ice cream cones I’ve ever tasted and they are freshly made for each customer. They also have *free* toppings available! Located in trendy Kloof Street, Ditto is a welcome new addition to my Best Ice Cream Spots in Cape Town list.

ditto ice cream

ditto ice cream ditto ice cream

Moro Gelato

Moro Gelato is the most authentic Italian Gelato you’ll find in Cape Town. There I said it! I had actually never been to Moro Gelato and just had it as a place to try when doing research for this blog post. I’d heard murmurings of “The best ice cream in Cape Town, don’t fight me on this” but had always called myself a Creamery devotee. I’m happy to say that Moro Gelato completely won me over. I had their pistacchio and cioccolato flavours and they were so rich and creamy and perfect! Their decor vibe is also so fun with a Grand Budapest hotel feel to it. Moro Gelato has firm Italian roots and you can just taste that this ice cream was made in the authentic Italian way. Each cone is topped with a waffle disk dipped in chcolate, yum! They have shops in Green Point, Sea Point and Long Street.

Moro Gelato Moro Gelato Moro Gelato

Ice Cafe

Ice Cafe is located in the quaint cobbled-street seaside town of Kalk Bay. It’s a firm favourite after a swim at Dalebrook or an afternoon of exploring Kalk Bay’s second hand stores. They have lots of delicious flavours- my favourite was the pina colada flavour. They are also the most affordably priced ice creams in Cape Town. Netx time you’re in Kalk Bay, make sure you grab a scoop.

ice cafe

Ice Dream Gelateria

Ice Dream is an Italian-owned ice cream shop in Hout Bay. Another favourite for authentic Italian ice cream! The location isn’t the greatest so maybe grab your scoop and head for a walk on Hout Bay beach or Chappies.

Ice Dream Gelateria

Milk Beach Ice Cream

Milk Beach CPT is a new ice cream shop in Muizenberg. They serve up coffee, waffles, milkshakes and floats. Their decor is tropical and they dress up their ice cream cones with deluxe toppings including candyfloss! They have some fun flavours like Unicorn Poop but the ice cream here is a bit more about the fun aesthetic than genuine gelato.

Milk Beach cpt

Milk Beach cpt Milk Beach cpt

Enjoy exploring the best ice cream spots in Cape Town this hot summer! For more Cape Town food and restaurants guides check out my blog on Cape Town Cafes That’ll Give You All The Bali Vibes and my Cape Town Foodie Guide.

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