The Colourful Bo-Kaap, Cape Town

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The Colourful Bo-Kaap, Cape Town


South Africa is a country so rich in cultural diversity and you never cease to learn a new thing about a different group of people each day. The Bo-Kaap is situated on Signal Hill just above the Cape Town city centre and was formerly known as the Malay quarter. img_5946-2

It is a collection of residential houses painted in a wide array of pastel colours. From pink to purple to blue to green the happy colours are a guaranteed mood-lifter to anybody to decides to take a stroll through the cobbled streets.Β img_5949-2

I have lived in Cape Town for nearly 15 years and have never visited the Bo-Kaap. So a few weeks ago I decided to go and check it out, knowing that as a photographer I’d have an absolute field day with all of the bright and vibrant colours. I was not disappointed. WOW. It was just so beautiful and I was shocked that I had never taken the time out to appreciate this stunning neighborhood in my home town.Β img_5951-2

If you live in Cape Town then I recommend you take a walk up to the upper section of Wale Street next time you’re in Town enjoying a treat at Honest Chocolate or shopping in Long Street. If you’re a tourist then please do yourself a favour and add the Bo-Kaap to your itinerary. It won’t take much time out of your day and can easily be combined with a walk-about the city centre.Β img_5964-2

Practical tips:

If you’re driving then park along Wale Street and take a wander upwards from there.

If you’re taking the bus then the closest stops are Dorp and Leeuwen with the MyCiti bus.

You are very safe up there so you can definitely take your camera, but like in all areas in South Africa, one should be aware of ones surroundings at all times.

Partake in the local culture by enjoying a koeksister or a dish of babootie.

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