Plan A Trip To The Wild Flowers

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Plan A Trip To The Wild Flowers

The recent rains have rejuvenated the Cape Town landscape. New shoots and plants are springing up out of luscious greenery welcoming the arrival of yellow daisies across the mountain side, pincushion flowers emerging from bushes of fynbos and sprinklings of colour dotted allow the roadsides. Spring has begun its annual transformation on Cape Town and the beauty of the spring flowers just outside of Cape Town is even more astounding. Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely adore flowers! On any given day I will be wearing at least one item of floral clothing, I love to place flowers in my hair and am delighted at the beauty of a garden filled with flowers. To me flowers are kisses from Heaven, with the ability to brighten any day.  So you can imagine the excitement and joy I feel at the idea of fields and fields of flowers as far as the eye can see. It is for that very reason that I try to make an effort each year to plan a trip to the wild flowers.

Over the years I’ve gotten many questions regarding where to go, when to go and how best to plan a trip to see the spring flowers. So here’s the blog post answering ALL of those questions and hopefully you can plan a day trip of your own in the coming weeks.

When? This is always the biggest factor when planning your trip to the wild flowers. Each year the seasons vary slightly with different amounts of rainfall and fluctuating temperatures. However, the general time frame is from mid August to the end of September. The trouble is that you don’t really know when the flowers will be good as they may still be hiding one weekend, yet out in all their glory the next. It’s always a bit of a gamble but in this general time frame you should be able to see something. This year I would recommend going within the next 3 weeks. 

Where?  The West Coast is the best region for viewing the wild flowers. I have done trips to both Darling and the West Coast National Park and each of them has something unique to offer.


Darling is a small town an hour’s drive from Cape Town. During spring this quiet little spot is turned into a beautiful floral celebration. You’ll take the R27 turning off to the right down Grotto Drive. This is a wonderful route as it takes you along a farm road which will be covered in blooms of orange, yellow, pink and purple. You can stop off at Groote Poste for a wine tasting or lunch, before continuing on to the town of Darling. The centre of town bursts to life in blooms of brilliant colour. There is a field covered in yellow and orange daisies dancing with bees and butterflies. Throughout the town residential streets are dotted with white daisies, purple vygies and fruit trees boast pink blossoms.

West Coast National Park 

The West Coast National Park is definitely my favourite place to view the wild flowers. This stunning park holds a very special place in my heart as a postcard from Greece at Kraalbaai beach and a flower child’s paradise in spring. To get there will take you an hour from Cape Town along the R27. Entrance to the park costs R77 per adult and R39 per child during the flower season (this cost is reduced at other times of the year). With a Wild Card you will have free entrance to the Park (more info here).

Take a slow drive through the Park, looking out for ostriches, tortoises, birds and little buck along the way. Stop off and look down over the brilliant blue of Kraalbaai. The wild flowers are located in the Potsberg section of the Park. Here you’ll be treated to fields blanketed in yellow, orange and white daisies.

It honestly takes my breath away each time I have the privilege of frolicking through these fields of abundant flowers! The flower child within me takes great delight and I can’t wipe the smile off my face. Take a packed lunch and stop at one of the picnic spots along the way.

If daisies aren’t your thing and fields of yellow make you feel all kinds of happy then be sure to check out the flourishing canola fields. On the way home from the West Coast National Park you can go via the N7. You’ll turn left down the Melkbosstrand Road at the woodcutters which connects with the N7. On the left you’ll see the beautiful fields of sunshine. Alternatively you can take a trip to Philadelphia or go anywhere in the Overberg region (Caledon) to dance in fields of canola.

I have always done the flowers as a day trip but you can easily make a weekend out of it. So pencil in an upcoming weekend and if the sun is shining then pile into a car for a little road trip adventure! Do you have any other flower spot recommendations? I’d love to see where you enjoy going and maybe go check it out for myself!

Loved your visit to the West Coast National Park? Why not check out Kraalbaai for a sunny beach day by the lagoon? Read my blog post of everything you need to know to plan a trip to Kraalbaai. 

If one day isn’t enough to enjoy the beauty of the Langabaan Lagoon then maybe look into booking a houseboat for the weekend? The Kraalbaai Luxury Houseboats just look absolutely idyllic!


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