Palace of Versailles, Paris

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Palace of Versailles, Paris

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Visit the Palace of Versailles

One cannot visit Paris without seeing the Palace of Versaille. So off I went taking the long trek to get there (one and a half hours by a few trains) and arrived in very cold Versaille. I waited in a queue for 40 minutes to buy a ticket only to discover at the front of the queue that as I have a student visa I can get in for free and so don’t need a ticket. It was wonderful news to find out that I didn’t have to pay the 18 euro to get in (about R300) but very irritating that I had wasted 40 minutes for nothing.


Palace of Versailles

I soon realised that 40 minutes was nothing when I arrived at the end of this crazy long queue. It literally wrapped around 10 times. So I braced the cold for two and a half hours before I finally entered the Palace. Near the end it even started to rain but thankfully I was nearly inside. Palace of Versailles

I got my audio guide and began the tour around the Palace. It is so grand, golden, ornate and filled with chandeliers and paintings.

Palace of Versailles

Palace of Versailles

This was Marie Antionette’s bed. An interesting fact that I overheard from a passing tour guide was that the Queen’s bed was bigger than the King’s bed because the King would always visit the Queen and never the other way round. So bed company’s actually have it wrong. A queen sized bed should be bigger than a king sized bed.

Palace of Versailles

I completed the tour of the Chateau in one and a half hours. By that time it was raining and getting dark so I didn’t have time to see the gardens. It wasn’t too tragic though because I figured that they wouldn’t look very pretty now since it is winter and so I can rather come back another time just to see the gardens.

So you may ask; after about three hours of queuing in the cold, was it really worth it visiting the Palace of Versailles. To put it this way, if I’d paid 18 euro for that experience I would have been very irritated. That fact that I got in for free made it not as bad. But still I think it is very overpriced. It definitely was my least enjoyable experience of Paris. But it was an experience nonetheless.

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