Munich, Germany

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Munich, Germany

Getting there 

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Where to stay

We stayed at Hotel Achterbahn (If you book using this link I get a small commission at no extra cost to you).

Top things to do in Munich

Watch the ringing of the bells at the Glockenspiel

Watch some buskers on the streets

Eat a soft pretzel 

Pay a visit to the famous Hofbrauhaus for a beer and Eisbein

Visit during Oktoberfest for an incredible festival experience



We drove from Innsbruck to Munich leaving behind the quiet town and entering the busy and loud city. We set out to see the sites and get a taste of what this worldly city has to offer. We walked through a pedestrianized street filled with clothing shops, flower sellers, bakeries and fruit sellers.  The street was buzzing with people going about their daily routines. What surprised me so much was how independent everyone seems to be here. Young teenagers walk around or cycle around the city without a care in the world. There doesn’t seem to be much crime present and so they can have this freedom and independence. That is something which just doesn’t exist in South Africa, sadly.

We walked to the grand building of the Glockenspiel and admired this enormous building. At 5 o’clock we witnessed an eventful ringing of the bells along with thousands of other people from all over the world. Thousands of eyes were fixed on the small figures dancing to the clanging of the bells from behind the various screens of cameras, phones and ipads.


Strolling through the bustling streets we bought some cherries and raspberries and snacked on those along with some large soft pretzels while enjoying the entertainment the streets of Munich had to offer. Thoroughly entertained by a mime artist painted to be disguised as a statue, we laughed along with the crowds as this man put on a comedy show. He flirted with the women and made young boys collect money for him in their hats. He was so talented and didn’t fail to bring joy to the crowds watching.

The time then came for us to make the momentous visit to the famous Hofbrauhaus which is one of the most well-known breweries in Germany.  German waitresses, dressed in their traditional clothing, walked around with litres of beer serving the customers. Mom and dad ordered a beer each and we all enjoyed the joyous atmosphere.  Dining on pork shanks and the traditional eisbein we had a fantastic evening out in this “it” place.

Walking home we enjoyed some more street entertainment. This time in the form of a group of musicians busking on a street corner. The group was made up of five middle aged men rocking out to their own composed music. They had gathered a large crowd by the time we had arrived and didn’t fail to thoroughly entertain us not only with their musical ability but with their quirky comments and entire “stage” presence.

Munich was a lovely experience and is definitely a city I could imagine myself living in.

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