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The Cederberg is a truly special spot in South Africa. It’s the sort of place that gives you permission to rest, to breathe and to just be. Cradled by magnificent mountains, the Cederberg is rich in hiking trails, beautiful natural swimming pools and the most amazing scenery. The dry landscape makes the weather conditions particularly harsh with freezing winters and scorching summers. It’s raw, it’s beautiful, it’s WILD. If you’re looking for a true retreat into nature, for space to breathe or somewhere to get in touch with your inner wilderness then look no further than Cederberg.

There are many beautiful spots all throughout the Cederberg. Most have both camping and self-catering options. Or if you’re really wanting to spend time in the Wilderness then why not go on a multiday hikes and sleep under the stars in the mountains? The two most popular Cederberg spots are Sanddrif and Driehoek. These are the only places I have been in the Cederberg so will focus on these places. I will however, list some details of other spots that look equally lovely.

Sanddrif, Cederberg


Sanddrif is, in my opinion, the best camping spot in Cederberg. The campsite has wonderful green grass and is shaded by big, leafy trees.

To book and check availability have a look at their website.

Camping costs are R320.00 per site per night for 4 persons
PLUS R80.00 per extra person. (Max 8 persons per site)

Self-catering cottages cost R1360.00 per night for 4 persons
PLUS R340.00 per additional person.
PLUS R220.00 per additional child 2-10 years

Things to do near Sanddrif


Maalgat Sanddrif

Maalgat Sanddrif

Maalgat Sanddrif

Maalgat Sanddrif

Maalgat is a lovely swimming area a 30 minute walk from the campsite. The natural pool is big with a waterfall and many rock jumping spots. Be sure to wear walking shoes and bring along enough water! To find it walk to the very end of the Sanddrif campsites and follow the signs.

Stadsaal Caves

Stadsaal caves

Stadsaal caves

Stadsaal caves

Stadsaal caves

The Stadsaal Caves is a truly special place in the Cederberg. Your first stop will be the Elephant Rock Art painted by the San from nearly 1000 years ago. You’ll then drive further in to get to the actually Stadsaal caves. Wander through the caves and end your evening watching the most magnificent sunset you’ll ever witness.

Wolfberg Cracks and Arch Hike

Woldberg Cracks

The Wolfberg Cracks hike is an absolute highlight for your trip to Cederberg and definitely needs to be on your list. The hike begins at the Sanddrif campsite. You need a permit to hike up to the Cracks. This will cost you R70 per person and can be purchsed from Algeria reception on your way in or at the Sanddrif reception. There is no water on the trail so you’ll need to bring plenty for yourself as it is very dry and very hot! The hike can take between 5-8 hours to go there and back. I am planning on doing this as an overnight hike in the near future so will definitely write a more extensive blog post once I have.

Driehoek. Cederberg

Driehoek is another fantastic spot in the Cederberg. When we go we stay in our aunt’s beautiful wooden cabin in the private camping club area but there is also a lovely public campsite and the beautiful self-catering cottages at Driehoek Guest Farm.

Camping starts at R430 per night and you can get a basic hut from R640 per night. There are a variety of different self-catering options so do peruse their website for the various accommodation prices and availability. You can book here.


Things to do near Driehoek


Swemgat Driehoek

Swemgat Driehoek

Swemgat is a few minutes walk from the campsite and the most wonderful mountain oasis. The Cederberg is so hot and dry in summer which makes plunging into this cool mountain water absolute bliss! We even saw a terrapin (freshwater turtle) on one of our swims here.

Welbedacht Cave Hike

Welbedacht Cave hike

The Welbedacht cave is a wonderful day hike to do during your stay at Driehoek. The hike is just over 9km to the cave and back and should take you about 3.5hr of walking. The path is easy to follow although finding the exact turnoff to the cave can be a little tricky. You will need a permit to hike up to the Welbedacht Cave. This will cost you R70 per person and can be purchsed from Algeria reception on your way in or at the Driehoek reception.

To begin your hike you’ll drive back down the Driehoek road for a few minutes and then turn at the handwritten sign that says Welbedacht Cave. Continue down this bumpy dirt track until you see some trees where you can park. Follow the hiking path all the way up as you wind up the valley in the direction of Tafelberg. You’ll pass beautiful erica bushes and gnarled cedar trees. After you’ve been walking for about an hour and a half you should see a path split to the right. Walk up here and follow the cairns along a rocky section. You should then arrive at the path that takes you the last little bit to the cave. Stop and enjoy the mountainous view from the cave. You can go back down the route you came.

Welbedacht Cave hike Welbedacht Cave hike Welbedacht Cave hike Welbedacht Cave hike

Other places to stay in the Cederberg

Jamaka Organic Farm book here

Enjo Nature Farm book here

Suikerbossie Guest Farm book here

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