Bled, Slovenia

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Bled, Slovenia

Getting there 

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Where to stay

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After driving through numerous long tunnels to cut through the snow capped mountains of Germany we arrived in the quite and humble town of Bled. Our accommodation overlooked the mountainous town. Our hosts were a young couple with three sweet little boys. They were delightfully friendly and gave us some Slovenian chocolate as a gift.

We soon renamed Bled the ‘Town of Bells’ as the local bells were heard every 15 minutes or every 34th minute for no apparent reason. They were wonderfully random and thankfully did not keep us awake.

Bled is a town centred around Lake Bled which in the summer is a vibrant and lively place to be with the restaurants buzzing, people swimming and boat rides. The weather had different plans for us though. Instead of the usual sunshine and heat characteristic to this time of year we unfortunately had a few days of rain.

This not only dampened all of the colours of this town but managed to dampen our moods too. We walked around the lake which is usually a rich turquoise colour, in the rain. We got wet and ended up leaving to get warm in our accommodation. We did not leave however, without Nic having a splash about in the surprisingly warm waters.

After a few hours of downtime in our cottage we were able to gather ourselves and head out again. This time we went to the Castle. From the top we had the most magnificent view of the lake. I can only imagine what it must look like when the weather is behaving.

The famous Bled Cream Cake was something we’d read about and so were found a quiet café and devoured a delightfully creamy cake each. It was the highlight of my day and was accompanied by a lovely view of the lake.

All in all Bled is a beautiful place and would be something quite magical as long as the weather is obliging.

For some gorgeous pictures of what Lake Bled can look like when the sun is shining, check out this Blog.

We stopped at Lake Bled on our travels between Salzburg, Austria and the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia.

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